From the recording Traveling From Heaven

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Bobbo Staron acoustic guitar vocal
Mike Stromberg dobro


Talking True Nature Of Reality Blues

If you’re travelin’ from Heaven
let me tell you how to do it
you get a spacesuit
you get yourself into it
dial down the frequency
see through a glass darkly
you’re good for every region
they work in every season
hell they’ve got them for every goddam reason
feel me.

You could be down in the holler
just a-settin’ on a log
a topological analog
continuously everywhere
yet differentially nowhere
expanding symmetry
self similarity
a fractal.

When one is down in the hen house
on one’s knees
one subdivides to infinity
divinity is nothing
nothing is divinity
talking polarity
blues from duality
true nature of reality

Now if you’re from the city
but a-livin’ out of town
not tied down
geodesically complete
a place lonely hearts can meet
go with the ether flow
visit Alice’s keyhole
take the traversable wormhole
I’m fixin’.

Ain’t no use me workin’ so hard
I got a job in the rich folks’ yard
cut off the crust
butter the bread
they think I’m workin’
I’m a-dreamin’ instead
of travelin’
slice of heaven

words and music by Bobbo Staron