1. Nembutal Rocks

From the recording Beaker Culture


Nembutal Rocks

We step off the brink
Put on a stoic face
Bring all the things we think
That we can’t replace.
So many heartfelt knocks
An open door to all
But no one cares at all
So we name the town Nembutal Rocks.

Caught the commuter train
Married the one next door
There’s a lot of time down the drain
Nothin’ that hasn’t been done before.
Just outside the box
Statue of It Could Be stands tall
But no one cares at all
This is downtown Nembutal Rocks.

The sweetest soul who could be
Out near Route Two Two Four
Move along there’s nothing to see
Take a step and you’re out the door.
A dream and a paradox
“If thou wilt not, befall what may befall”
Christ, no one cares at all
This is goddamned Nembutal Rocks.

Words and music by Bobbop Staron